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Saturday, August 15, 2009

dress up people

Last year when we studied Ancient Greece we rounded off the unit by inviting some friends over for an Ancient Greek day and Olympics.
The children set up a museum to show their friends what we had made and work we had done. One of the things we added to the museum was a wooden art model dressed in costume.
After the day, B4 took the model and made an outfit out of scraps, it was very clever.
I saw some on special so bought some more.

B4 thought he would dress one up one day and used the hot glue gun to attach the fabric to the doll- I was not impressed, so after scraping the glue off I put them up, where they sat until a couple of weeks ago.
When I arranged the craft trolley I added a basket of fabric scraps.
In order to inspire them to use it I brought out the dolls one morning and put them on the table with the scrap basket and some sticky tape, elastic, safety pins and scissors.

This is what they created!
B2 did help The Girl with hers.
I do not know why they are all dressed in pink,
because there was plenty of other colours in the basket.
Don't they look great?
They have been decorating my sewing table ever since.
We have now undressed and redressed them in a winter costume for our winter unit.

Here are the results, we took it up a notch and actually sewed some of the things very simply with the over-locker. They insisted on shoes because it was a winter outfit. B4 made his with fur and sticky tape, I made some for B5 and the Girl, thanks to or medieval unit I knew how to do this, only this time it was in miniature.
I can see that these are going to have regular changes of costume from now on.

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