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Sunday, August 2, 2009

craft trolley

I wanted to have some of the art and craft supplies more accessible to the children, so they could be creative when they wanted to without making the craft cupboard a mess.
I decided to use the baby change table that is no longer being used and turn it into a craft centre, it has wheels so is movable.
I have organised the pencils, pastels, water colour paints, crayons and textas etc. into the drawer because they are all flat boxes and stackable, the pencil sharpeners and glue are here too.

On the top I have art books, paper, scissors, paint brushes, stamps and paper punches. (I know the photo looks like it is messy but it is organised)
The bottom level houses a box of recyclables to use egg cartons, tissue boxes, toilet rolls etc. and another box of fabric scraps, as well as the art mats and painting boards.
It is amazing to see all the creative stuff happening now that the craft and art supplies are within easy reach.

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