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Saturday, August 15, 2009

in my home - sewing corner

This is my sewing table.
Next to it is my sewing cupboard, you can just see the edge of it in this photo- I'll show you it another day.
A few months ago I did a big rearrangement and my sewing area ended up on the feature wall of my dining room.
The table came from my mum's house when she moved into an aged care facility last year.
This used to be her craft table.
I used to have a special sewing cupboard that VCH built into the hallway going into the laundry- I turned it into a linen cupboard last year and we turned the linen cupboard into a toilet!
My sewing stuff ended up in what used to be my computer cupboard.
This was OK but I wasn't really sewing as much as I liked and it always ended up a mess.
Just before Christmas last year some friends and I got together to sew some Christmas presents for the children, so I put my sewing machine out on a table and found I was sewing more.
I had to reconfigure this arrangement as it got closer to winter (because the way it was it was blocking the fireplace in the lounge room).
So to cut a long story short(I know it is already a ramble) it ended up in my dining room along a wall with a place for my sewing machine and over-locker, and my sewing cupboard next to it.

I really like it here because it is easy to cut out on the dining room table and it central to what is going on in the rest of the house. I find I can cook and sew at the same time and because it is set up it is easy to sew. Although I do have to watch that the table doesn't become a dumping ground.

The wall above it is slowly being transformed.
I have these fabrics in embroidery hoops, inspired by soule mama.

These are some silk paintings B3, B4, and B5 did for VCH for his birthday. (I'll do a more detailed post about these another day)

These are some little drawers my mum gave me a few years ago, they are handy for holding needles and tools and little things for sewing.
If you go back to my original photo you will see SEW on the wall, I have not done a close -up of this, because I bought these a few weeks ago from spotlight and when I bought them home I stuck them up with some blu-tack to see how they would look and that is where they have stayed, with the stickers still on them and not painted.
So now when I do a post on sewing you will know where it happened.

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  1. Looks good. I love it in the dining room to cut out things as well.


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