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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

back to work we go

Today was our first day back at school after having a three week winter vacation.
We did all the big cleaning jobs that we usually do during the holidays, in the weeks before, so we could have a proper holiday.
I got to do some sewing and cooking and reading and blogging, I even managed to cover some picture books until I ran out of plastic.

This term the two big boys are doing the Renaissance in history by looking at famous people (Shakespeare, Columbus, Galileo etc.). I like to give them interest catching names so the unit is called "Who's who at the Renaissance Faire" they are learning about Geology for science using the wonders of creation series (B3 came up with the name "Geology Rocks") and countries in Europe for Geography following Erin's plan.
We will be reading lots of Shakespeare and making some fun stuff from Shakespeare for Kids.

The Little ones will be doing a theme on Winter.
While B3 being in the middle tends to do bits of both lots, some geology experiments, winter themed writing and a few renaissance activities as well as the geography stuff.

We started a work-box system and this works really well for B3.
So we moved onto using it for B4 and then B5 had to get in on the act.
Well now the Girl has too (she has one box with her notebook, pencils, scissors and some paper in it). Of course she has to do every thing the boys do.

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