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Thursday, July 30, 2009

no dig garden

This is the major gardening project we have been working on.
A series of no dig gardens.

VCH and the B's have made 6 frames out of corrugated sheets and 50 x 50mm RHS square pipe with legs that could be hammered into the ground.

We hired a mini dingo and flattened the area.

Then the guys placed the frames in the ground.

and we partially filled them with excess dirt

then added a layer of newspaper, on top of the newspaper we put straw and lucerne then we topped it with blood and bone and dynamic lifter (chook poo).
It is a good idea then to leave it for at least 2 weeks before planting.

VCH made a frame out of 20 mm white high pressure water pipe and topped this with bird mesh. This is to keep the chooks in. At the moment we only have some meat chickens, but we will get some layers when it gets a bit warmer.
The frame for the chooks and the chooks will be rotated around the gardens to fertilise them and break down weeds and garden waste.


  1. Looks fantastic Deanne. Looking forward to seeing some great veges later in the year.

  2. they are cool. Exactly what I want. Dream on... Michelle


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