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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

some recent makeovers

Today I thought I would share some of my recent makeovers, that I had for sale at the markets.

 Here is my bench- which you have seen before,
 this time with some warm winter cushions that I upcycled from knitted items.
Lots of people were fascinated by them, at first wondering if I had knitted them myself, 
I then had to explain that I made them from previously knitted items. 

I showed you this chair before, well actually there were two the same.
I debated whether or not to treat them as a pair or do them different, I chose different.

 The first one I painted white and put a cute navy and white postage fabric on the seat.

 The second I painted red and used this cute aqua floral for the seat.
I actually sold both to a young man after he sent photos to his girlfriend at work.
I also had a lady who really loved the red but wanted two, 
she emailed me to see if they sold since the market.
 I will have to see if I can get some more and do them up for her.

Remember this coffee table that was originally all black- here it has already been painted.

This is how it looked when I had finished with it.
I took this photo the night before the market, I had been meaning to do so all day but just didn't get there, so the light is not fantastic.
It wasn't a cheap project to do, the foam was very expensive and I used a good indoor/outdoor fabric that I had in my stash from Fabric Traders.
I was a bit worried about selling it because it was going to be quite expensive, so I didn't put my usual mark- up on it, but it turned out to be the first thing that sold on the day, to a neighbouring stall holder. 
It sat there in my stall until the end of the markets and I had lots of inquiries about it
 - so I really probably could have charged more!

I am hoping to be back tomorrow with a recipe.


  1. beautiful transformations deanne!
    i really love your upcycled cushions.

  2. The table and the cushions are my fav! They look sooooo cosy/ homey Deanne. Beautiful work on the table xx

  3. Love the cushions, I've always wanted to make some for winter snuggling.

  4. So inspirational, you clever girl. I am hoping to jazz up my old coffee table just like the last photo. I never knew foam was costly though.

    1. I got a denser foam because I wanted the ottoman to be nice and solid and not sink down to the base when you sat on it.

  5. Wow you are so industrious. I do the same thing on price. Sell too cheaply, but I guess we learn. That piece would looking stunning at the end of a bed or in an entry hall and I think the cushions are superb. You are so clever, creative abd inspiring.

  6. Lovely Deanna. I've always wanted those cushions made from knitted items but they'd definitely have to be a seasonal thing.

    Anne xx

  7. Looks really, really awesome!! Fantastic!

    Looking forward to seeing what use you put my goodies too;) Oh and had some chairs thrown in with a table we bought today, wasn't sure if I'd use them or not but told the kids Deanne would be sure to do something with these 70s chairs if I decided they were too hideous. However the yellow retro is kind of growing on me.

  8. Love the coffee table to ottoman! I've had the same experience... I've thought it wouldn't sell, but I sell one at almost every market I go to!

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