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Thursday, January 31, 2013

the girl's new desk

 Here is the desk I did for The Girl.
She is growing up and had requested a little desk in her room, so she could colour and draw etc.

Here is the desk I found at a local op shop for $5

Here it is now.
VCH was so impressed that he said: It was the best thing I had ever done and I should sell it instead of giving it to our daughter!
What a mean father!

 The Girl begged to paint it - so I let her.
She always asks whenever I am doing up furniture and I say "No you cannot paint it because Mummy is selling it!" 
Mean Mother!
Well this time she got the chance because it was for her.
We started by painting the top white, then I put some paper doilies on top and then painted over them with a pretty pink.

After I painted the top she got to paint the rest of the desk pink.

These ones in the middle were done a few times because I had trouble removing the glue holding the doilies down without removing the paint.
First up I used some spray adhesive and the next time I used a Bostik glue stick, 
I tried water, Oomph, and then eucalyptus spray and the paint came off each time. 
In the end I held the doily done with my hand painted it and hoped for the best!

I finished it off with some crystal knobs.
The chippy pink chair came from our church I rescued it from a rubbish pile.

Her whole room needs a little bit of updating now she is almost six!
I hope to do that when I get back from holidays and will show you then.

One last shot of her actually using it!

livelaughlinky 250x250



  1. gorgeous desk for a gorgeous girl. Did she want the chair painted pink too? I know that if Amelia had a pink desk, she would want a pink chair to match.

    1. She does want a pink chair to match, but we haven't got that far yet- maybe when I fix up the rest of her room!

  2. I don't know where you get the time??
    I have good ideas but never seem to be able to put them into practice.. Well done.
    I love the doily decorations so pretty..
    you are so clever finding such bargains.
    blessings Nell

    1. It has been school holidays and I don't have to do schoolwork with the kids, so that gives me some extra time, as well as my children are good at helping out around the house so that helps too!

  3. It's so lovely Deanne! Love the doily idea - and that chair is rustic awesome!
    She too beautiful btw your little munchkin!

  4. Gorgeous! A pink desk.....I would love one too! Rx

  5. Just gorgeous Deanne. Do you mind me asking where you get the crystal knobs? Are they very expensive?

    Anne xx

  6. I love her desk.. And that pic of her is so sweet .. She looks like she loves it.. YOU did a great job.. Love the details on there too .. Have a beautiful week

  7. Sweet little desk - so perfectly girlie! Your daughter is a doll, too!
    Thanks for sharing with us!
    Stacey of Embracing Change


  8. What an awesome paint job you've both looks so pretty and the chippy chair is perfect, your daughter looks so happy sitting there creating her hearts. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  9. What a lovely idea to use doilies. It's so pretty and well painted too.

  10. So pretty! And inspiring, too. It's my new mission to fill our house with handmade things - it might take a while:-)

    God bless, Deanne:-)

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