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Thursday, January 10, 2013

eight is great

Our sweet little B5 is celebrating his eighth birthday today.

 Happy eighth birthday to a delightful boy!
We wish you a wonderful day today, enjoy your new bike and hope you have a fantastic year.
All our love,
Mummy and Daddy
and your brothers and sister xxxxx

if you haven't caught up with B5's monkey party go here


  1. some lovely memories there and great shots.
    happy birthday to your son!

  2. He's gorgeous Deanne!!!
    Happy Birthday B5 from Montreal, Canada!!!

  3. Oh, yay for eight! What a precious sweet age age to ! He is almost a man now, so keep enjoying his youth!

  4. oh Happy Birthday! WHat great pics, I love that first one, he looks so cute!

  5. Oh, what a gorgeous boy. Happy Birthday!


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