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Monday, December 10, 2012

inside the outside inn

Yesterday our four youngest children participated in a musical at church as part of their Kid's Church end of year service.

B4 was asked to play the male lead Max- a guardian angel, 
even though he actually graduated from Kids Church last year, 
as they didn't have any boys old enough to take on this major role.

B4 was one of the wise men.

B5 was a shepherd with a singing part,

and The Girl was part of the choir

The Girl singing and B3 is at the side in his "formal angel attire".

 The children have only had about 40 mins to practice each Sunday this term.
They did very well despite the short amount of practice time, 
even after the "innkeeper" fainted right off the front of the stage during the first song (thankfully we have several doctors in our congregation who were able to see to him) and had to be quickly replaced by one of the older teenage girls in our church, who enjoys acting and was able to walk on stage at a minute's notice.

Here is a lovely photo of B3 and The Girl, outside after the service, B1 is in the green shirt in the background.
I take no responsibility for the photos, 
VCH and B2 handled that while I helped feed, water and keep the little ones in one place while they were off stage.


  1. What a proud moment! I am really looking forward to our kids' Christmas play this week... my oldest is Joseph in the play. Aren't these special times??

  2. How lovely - love a good nativity, and so special for you to have almost all of them in the play at once! xx

  3. Beautiful children, recently I went to a church in Forster and sadly our children were the only children in the church.. the congregation were all older people with no-one under their 40's. It is so sad to see..
    Loved your pics, even if others took them..My husband always seems to get the job of holding the camera too. A task I am sure he revels in..more relaxing than watering and feeding the natives. Thanks for popping by my blog.
    Blessings NEll

  4. How awesome for almost all of your cherubs to be a part of this. You must have been beaming all the way through :) xx


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