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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

making mayonnaise

Many people think that making mayonnaise is hard, 
 beyond their skill level, 
takes too long etc etc
and so continue to buy the packaged stuff full of additives and nasty oils

and that was me until earlier this year when I finally plucked up the courage to have a go.

My first attempt was fine, it all came together and worked perfectly, 
the only thing wrong was the taste,
I used extra virgin olive oil as per the recipe, but it was way too strong.
So on my next attempt I used a milder oil and it was much more successful.
Now I use light olive oil and it tastes great.

I have picked up a few tips and tricks along the way that guarantees success so I thought I would post my recipe and share them with you.

Firstly the ingredients:
Lots of mayonnaise recipes call for egg yolks and that is fine if you are planning to make pavlova or some other food that uses egg whites, but most of the time I am not and I found that I was wasting egg whites- they would just sit in the fridge until I threw them out, so I turned to my BFF - Google and asked if I could make mayonnaise with a whole egg and yep sure enough the answer was yes.

So now instead of 4 egg yolks I use 2 whole eggs in my recipe.

Then of course you have lemon juice- but you don't have to use lemon juice, 
you can instead use vinegar. 

My go to vinegar in this case is Braggs apple cider - very good for you.

Then there is the oil as mentioned before.
I try to stay clear of seed oils like canola, sunflower, rice bran etc. after reading David Gillespie's Big Fat Lies, so as I mentioned earlier I use light olive oil, or you could try a nut oil like macadamia or maybe avocado,  but they are a little more expensive.
One day I am going to try coconut oil, but I haven't done this yet.

You also add some dijon mustard whatever brand you prefer, I use Woolworth's Select.

Now if you plan to use all of the mayonnaise straight away you can skip this step, but if you want to keep it for a while you can add some whey powder and make it lacto-fermented mayonnaise which will not only keep longer but be much better for you as it develops bacteria like yoghurt.

You may also like to add some salt and pepper to taste.

Now I have always used my food processor for this.
I hate doing things by hand!
I use my food processor for just about anything, 
but sadly it had a little breakdown and is off getting fixed.
What was I to do?
I had a little idea that maybe I could use my Kitchen Aid and again my BFF provided the answer- yes I could!

So I got the whipping attachment out and away I went- it worked fantastically, and I liked how I could see what was happening better than with my food processor.

To store your mayonnaise you want a clean dry jar, 
I always wash my jar out and stick it in the oven at about 100C for a few minutes to sterilise it,
then it's good to go.

Now one last little tip before I actually, finally, give you the recipe.
I had made mayo three or four times and I thought it was about time I showed someone else how to make it.
I like to have a back up in case I am sick, busy or not around.
So I get B2, he is my most talented in the kitchen and doesn't mind making harder stuff and away I go demonstrating.
 Only for what ever reason it just didn't thicken and become white like it should.
What went wrong?
Then it happened several times- my mayonnaise became a bit hit and miss!
Did you guess- yep I turned to Google and asked!
 I didn't come up with any definitive answer, different temperature of eggs and oil, added oil too fast etc. etc.
But I did come up with a little trick that I now use.
Add a little oil in with the eggs, vinegar etc. when you first mix them up, 
I have not had a problem since!

Now finally we get to the recipe, 
I doubled the original recipe,
 if you don't want to make as much just halve it.


2 eggs
2 tsp Dijon mustard
2 Tbsp lemon juice or vinegar
1.5 cups light olive oil
1Tbsp whey powder

1. Place eggs, mustard, vinegar and about one tablespoon of oil in your food processor or kitchen aid.
2. Mix for around 30 seconds, then slowly pour in oil, starting with a few drops at a time and working up to a slow but steady stream while machine is still going (with the Kitchen Aid turn it up to 8) it will take a couple of minutes, don't rush this step.
3. Continue to whisk it until it is white and fluffy (I thought the kitchen aid did a better job at this than my food processor) at this stage it will not be as thick as store bought mayo, but it will thicken up when refrigerated
Now if you are going to use it within a couple of days you can just bottle it now and put it in the fridge, but if you want to keep it for longer or enjoy the benefits of fermented foods,
4. Add the whey powder now, then bottle it and leave it on your bench for 7-12 hours to ferment, then refrigerate, it will now last for weeks.

To make this into a coleslaw dressing I take a couple of heaped tablespoons of mayo and add a little vinegar and sweetener, I use rice malt syrup, but honey or sugar will work just as well, mix together and pour over coleslaw.
So have you ever made your own mayonnaise?

Are you game to give it a go?

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  1. mmm sounds delicious! thanks for the recipe.

  2. Time for me to make some mayonnaise again so thanks for the tip about the whey powder.

  3. Deanne - you and I are often on the same page. I attempted a couple of versions of mayo just last week. One I used extra-virgin olive oil with a bit of macadamia oil, and like you it tasted too much like olive oil. I then tried it with avocado oil, but it was green and didn't taste right. I was going to try a straight macadamia oil version next time I make it. I'm lazy and use a stick blender. The Japanese use apple cider vinegar in their mayonnaise with a little sugar to make it sweeter. Thanks for the recipe. I like the idea of not wasting egg whites.

  4. I would like to try this. My family only likes Hellman's mayo, the regular kind. Does this taste anything like that? I would love a healthier alternative.

    1. Sorry, I have no idea Anita, we don't get that brand here in Australia.
      I found that you can adjust the taste, with more mustard, vinegar, salt and pepper once you have made it.

  5. Thanks for all the tips. I really get you on the egg white dilemma, but mine is usually the other way around. Recipes call for egg whites but what to do with all those yolks. Now I know.
    I have never made mayo but would like to

    1. Where do U buy whey powder and is it expensive?

    2. I bought it at the health food shop and it cost about $5 but it has lasted for ages and ages.

  6. To sterilize the eggs, so the mayo is safe to eat after a few days coddle them. Google will tell you how. The whey powder is new to me I will happliy take this tip and use it.

  7. Hi Deanne,
    I love making my own mayonnaise and your recipe looks great, I will sure give it a try. Enjoy your weekend and thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday.
    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen


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