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Friday, October 19, 2012

fab finds

It is so good not to have sport on a Saturday morning over summer!
Soccer season just about does us in- trying to co-ordinate 6 kids with games and refereeing responsibilities, so much so that in recent years we have banned the children from signing up for summer sport that involves Saturday morning games- we are so mean!!!

So anyway with our Saturday morning  free and VCH not playing golf,
 the two of us went garage saling, 
the kids were mostly still in bed, 
so after telling B1 and B2 what we were doing we snuck headed off!
Having his work ute is such a bonus in getting stuff, 
much easier than trying to fit stuff into the tarago!
We got some great buys- so nice that people were selling at garage sale prices and not thinking they were antique stores- my pet peeve!

Moving sales where people are getting rid of lots of stuff are the best!
This table and chairs $20.

This little egg cupboard $2

Nesting box $2- you should see it now!

Doll's house and furniture $5
and those are just some of the things from the first garage sale we hit!

These frames were 20c each- you should see them now!


 Side of the road find while out garage saling- looked like it fell off the back of a truck, absolutely filthy but FREE!!

 $10 for this outdoor setting

$2 for this little industrial stool!

 Three rusty birdcages @ $2 each.

This is only a fraction of what we found.
We really hit the jackpot!
I will be back next week with some afters and some exciting news.

Have a fabulous weekend!
No garage saling this weekend, 
town dress up party for the kids is on 
and VCH is helping at the church working bee.

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  1. Wow...wonderful finds.....
    However,we don't go to garage sales as we have too much stuff already, need to declutter!

  2. wow, great finds and bargain prices! i love the birdcages & the egg box. look forward to seeing what you do with them.

  3. You found lots of great bargains!! Good hunting.


  4. Wow - you hit the jackpot all right! Love the egg cupboard, nesting box and the dirty free desk. Looking forward to the afters.

  5. You certainly found some treasures at great prices Deanne. Looking forward to hearing more.

  6. Wow! You did so well! Can't wait to see what u do with it all. Love the stool! Kate x

  7. oooh can't wait for the afters. Some absolute beauties there.

  8. What a great prices of your garage sales...yesterday I just bought a vintage old dining table with a price of 2 dollars.

  9. oh my goodness, love the birdcages and the school desk is a fantastic find!!! I picked mine up on the street as well. xx

  10. Wow! deanne, they really are 'fab finds' :-) I look forward to seeing the 'after' shots of some of these treasures.

  11. Great deals Deanne! Can't wait to see what you do with them. I agree with you re Saturdays. I don't have as many children as you, but I still loath Sat. morning. We're just about to head out to swimming, ballet etc.... I know it will only get worse as they get older!

  12. Wow so many bargains!....garage sales around here lately are so the birdcage and the stool....hope you are enjoying your not so busy weekend.

  13. I'm in love with the birdcages and the birdhouse.
    What great finds Deanne!!!
    Tania xx

  14. Such great finds, the industrial stool is stunning the birdcages are fantastic and all for under $10 is just amazing!

    :) Tina

  15. You sure have an eye for a good bargain...can't wait to see the revamps! happy to have found your blog!
    Bec x


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