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Saturday, August 4, 2012

sentimental saturday outdoor room

I created this outdoor space two years ago.

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It has been featured in a few Houzz ideas books.
Including one today, that I discovered when I went over to get some links:
Here is my houzz page
Even though it has been cold this week- well in the mornings anyway with several frosts there is still a feeling of spring in the air- time to think about getting out and doing some garden projects.

Some of my herbs have succumbed to frost and we have had quite a bandicoot problem of late and they seem to spend a bit of time digging holes around this area.
B4 levelled it out and planted some rye grass seed in here a few weeks ago.
So as the weather warms a little I will definitely be out here freshening it up and doing some gardening.

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  1. I can't believe you are so good at designing and creating space around your home that your ideas get featured! How impressive! I can't believe you don't brag more about it!!!

  2. Your are simply amazing. I am inspired to get outside this weekend. :-)



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