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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

movie review - the sapphires

I recently received a double pass to see a pre release screening of the movie The Sapphires.

I got an email from Everyday Rewards saying they were giving away passes to people in my area for a special screening of the movie at our local theatre.
 I clicked on the link and they sent me my tickets in the mail.
VCH of course wasn't really interested so I took a girlfriend with me.

The movie is about four aboriginal girls who tour Vietnam entertaining the troops in 1968.
The movie is based on a true story, however in the real life version only 2 of the group of 4 could actually make it to Vietnam.
It was great to see an Australian movie.
The story was great and my friend and I really enjoyed it.
It wasn't political, but did touch a little on "The Stolen Generation"and how aboriginals were treated in the 60's in Australia but it was all in the context of the movie and not done to make a statement.
There was some mild swearing and an implied sex scene but they were fully clothed in the scene and we are left to imagine what might have taken place after- so nothing untoward.
My friend said she would happily take her 12 year old daughter.
The singing and costumes were great- 60's classics!
It stars Jessica Mauboy and Debra Mailman.

So in the words of Molly Meldrum- "Do yourself a favour!"

My apologies to my international readers, because some of what I just said and some of the people mentioned will mean nothing to you but my Australian readers will understand perfectly, but if you do happen to see it available where you live go and watch it for a little taste of Australiana in the 1960's.


  1. I am seriously looking forward to this movie. How lovely to have free tickets! What a treat! xx

  2. I think I just saw a trailer for this movie. I thought it was about the Supremes because of the costumes. Thanks for the review. If it is showing in the US, I will watch for it.

  3. That one is on my to do list. I love positive stories of all kinds. Fantastic talent in this one too.


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