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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

proud mum moment

On Sunday at Church our teenage youth group ran the service, participating in all aspects of the service- except of course the sermon, our pastor still did that!

While our older kids have all participated regularly in church, reading the bible, running the data projector or being involved in presentations etc. it was lovely to see all three of our older boys involved at the same time along with the other teens and some doing things they had never done before!

B1's job was to run the data projector - nothing new there but someone experienced had to do it as there were several slide shows and videos.
He also participated in a video of the weeks announcements that was done to include a couple of teens that weren't able to be there.

B3 was part of the singing team that lead the service. 
He did a great job!

Then my proudest moment of all when B2 stepped up and played the last song.
He has only been learning piano a little over a year and has gone ahead in leaps and bounds!
He tells me he wasn't even nervous- but he does look very serious in concentration in the photo.

 So there you have it a proud mum moment!

Next week our church service will actually be streamed live on a local radio station,
our pastor will be speaking from Psalm 42 on Depression.
We are praying for our pastor and the leaders that it all goes well.


  1. Well, you are certainly right to have a proud Mum moment or moments over that. How wonderful to have all 3 of your boys participating like that.
    What a gift!!
    Enjoy every wonderful moment....
    blessings, Nellie

  2. Aww that is lovely! No wonder you were so proud! :)


  3. Deanne, it seems you have very talented children and how nice that they enjoy participating in church. You are a good Mum to raise them to love the church. Thanks for the nice comments on the Cobb salad. You said you had never heard of it. Well, there was a famous restaurant in California in the late 1930,s run by a man named Bob Cobb. One of his friends stopped by after hours and Mr. Cobb prepared a salad for him using leftovers from his fridge. The man liked it so well that Mr. Cobb began making it for his customers and named it for himself. That is probably a lot more info than you want to know but I have always thought it was an interesting story. Try it sometime, I think you will like it.---------- Shannon

  4. Deanne, Isn't it wonderful when you train your kids in the way they should go and they go there! Love seeing them so involved. Who wouldn't be proud. Hope it's just the beginning and that your pastors message about Depression is a help to many,

  5. You are doing such a great job raising good kids that are happy to contribute in such a way Deanne.

  6. It's wonderful to see the young ones participating and leading. Great for them and also others.


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