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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

playing with picmonkey

I know I am a little slow to get into these things, but I recently (read a few days ago) discovered picmonkey.
Although I had heard of it I had never ventured over there.
What have I been missing?
It is so good and so easy to use!
I now have watermarks on my photos and have had fun playing with editing.

Well if not here it is in its original form.
If you are observant you may have noticed that I have added a button to my blog and have used this photo.
So if you love me and like buttons you can now add mine to your blog.
So here are some of my alterations:

 This is it in black and white.

 Here it is with a colour focal point.

 Sepia tones with a daguerreotype effect
 I love this it looks like a negative- remember those?
 we had them before digital cameras took over
 I like how this looks like a painting
It is called a HDR effect
This one is a focal zoom

This one is using the posterize effect

This one is called burst

and finally this one is cinerama.

So which one or ones do you like best?
Now what do I do with them?


  1. I love picmonkey too! I just started using it last week and love it! Angie xo

  2. Deanne,

    Besides the original (which I think is great), I like the B&W and the focal zoom ones best, I think. I love the painterly look.

    Picmonkey looks fantastic. It doesn't work on the iPad because it needs Flash so my effects have been done with apps but there's a couple here that I haven't seen on my apps.

    It's so inspiring seeing what you're doing with your photos and your crafts. Thank you for sharing:-)

    1. Thanks Vicky, we seem to be getting into this photography thing now!
      I have been doing fatmumslim's June photoaday - lot's of fun!

  3. Hi Deanne,

    First of all great shot. I am also loving picmonkey too. My fave would definitely have to be the cinerama!!

    Keep having picmonkey fun :)


  4. I love them all! I get lost in photo editing and could play all day. I love your button. Good for you! :) Lisa~

  5. I have never try it! But looking at your pics I might give it a try soon! I love the one with the HDR effect and the sepia tone! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love picmonkey. I was so sad when that other photo editing service left but then Monkey came around and I am so happy now. Yay

  7. I think I like the last one best :-)
    Photo editing can be so addictive, can't it?
    Too much fun.

  8. Love all of your editing, that looks like it was fun.

  9. PicMonkey is so much fun isn't it. Great photo Deanne and I like several of your edits.

  10. I love Pic Monkey, too! Have you made a collage yet? They are so easy and fun!

    Have a blessed and wonderful day :)


  11. Hi Deanne,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love what you've done with these images. I also love your blog header. It's beautiful!
    Beth xx

  12. I'm over here catching up on your posts. I've never heard of this editor but will definitely be book marking it. You shot edits look great.


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