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Friday, June 1, 2012

may photography challenge week 4

 Thank you to Erin for hosting this challenge and getting us all to improve our photography skills.
I will admit that I found these photos the hardest to do and most are more incidental shots- ie ones that happened to fit the theme and not ones that I deliberately set out to take.

Day 22: Sibling love

Day 23: Friendship

 Day 24: Smiles

Day 25: Something that touches your heart

 Father and daughter 

Day 26: Something that makes you laugh

Wish I looked this thin all the time!
Self portrait taken in a trick mirror at the Science Centre

Day 27: The city

 Brisbane taken from Southbank

Day 28: Candlelight
B4's cake at Kid's Club on his birthday

Day 29: Hands

Day 30: Play

 This was taken with my zoom quite some distance from the action

Day 31: Love
 The shadows on this made it seem a bit dark so I played with the editing and ended up with this black and white shot

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  1. Hi Deanne,

    I love the way you put several shots of the same picture together. I've been experimenting with that using a collage app on the iPad. It looks so effective in your post. Day 25 is so special. You've really captured the love there - even I, as an outside observer, can sense it. And, Day 24 is clever and cute.

    I've loved looking at your photos and learning from them, Deanne. Thank you for sharing!

    God bless:-)

  2. You have some lovely photos here Deanne and more importantly, wonderful memories.

  3. The sibling love pics are so precious, def my fav this week. The science centre photo of you is very well done:)
    Thanks for joining in, it has been lots of fun and I know I've learnt alot.

  4. love the father/daughter picture! I always love to get those, tho my hubby is not so happy when I get them!

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