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Monday, May 21, 2012

busy busy busy

Life seems to have gotten a little crazy around here lately.

It's soccer season and that just means lots of time taken up with training and games on Friday night and Saturday and a carnival yesterday as well as church and other social things like birthday parties, going to see B2's talented music teacher is a musical and a lunch to catch up with a visiting friend and a pamper night.
The last two weekends have been rather out of control, and it's not going to stop any time soon.

  It's VCH's birthday tomorrow his mum's the next day.
We are going up to Brisbane tomorrow to see a special mummies exhibition at the museum.

It's an eight hour round trip but perfect timing for our Ancient Egypt unit! 
Then on Wednesday night we are going out to Chinese with all VCH's family to celebrate his Mum's birthday.

  B4 turns ten next week and is having a spy birthday party on Saturday, I will be super busy this week getting that altogether and then the party on Saturday as well as soccer.

B1 got his driver's license and now has a new job- so he won't be home as much- which is both good and bad!
So if you don't see much of me this week you will know why- but rest assured there will be plenty of spy party photos next week!


  1. Lots of good things happening. The trip to Brisbane should be wonderful (although tiring). Happy early birthday to VCH.

  2. I'm tired thinking about it, let along living it:)

  3. So great!!!


  4. having had boys we had tons of soccer practices and Saturday games. And then my husband was a coach so it was soccer every day. Seeing your photos, I miss those days. Enjoy!

  5. Wow it sounds very busy up your way. Good luck with everything


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