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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

sugar free gluten free easter preparations


I have been rethinking some of our Easter traditions in regards to our gluten free, sugar free lifestyle.
Some traditions are easy enough to adapt.

Our passover meal will only require the change to some gluten free flatbread.

 Our Good Friday tradition of hot chocolate and homemade hot cross buns will require a little adapting.
Last year at this time I was back to eating wheat so that I could have a coeliac test so it wasn't an issue,
 this year I am looking for gluten free and grain free hot cross bun recipes- I think I need to try a couple first to find the best one to make on the day.
It will be easy enough to adapt the hot chocolate to fructose free by adding in dextrose instead.

I will be able to adapt the Mazurka Cake recipe by changing the castor sugar for dextrose and adjusting the cooking time.

Our Easter Egg hunt will go ahead as usual, keeping with the party food for parties theme, 
but with a few less eggs, 
I have bought myself some Lindt 85% chocolate eggs 
and VCH has insisted on his usual caramel eggs.

 Our Easter basket will be undergoing a couple of slight transformations.
Instead of rock candy I have got some stones that I have written in white pen 
He is Risen on one side and John 3:16 on the other.
The other change to the box will be instead of jelly beans in plastic eggs I will put coloured beads and a necklace base so they can make their own Witness necklace/ bracelet.
Instead of the chocolate coins I will give each child a new $1 coin.
I have ordered some Easter books- so hoping they arrive in time!
But I am still on the lookout for a lamb to add to our collection.

This year I want to make one of  

 grace garden
these and 

How to make papier mâché covered eggs. There is a glue recipe too!
some of these

i totally did this using some paint chips we had and i did it before seeing the tutorial. next time i'll have joce help string them on

Hot Glue + Color = Beautiful Easter Eggs! #Pollock from Creative Connections for Kids
and maybe even these

head over to my pinterest board for some of my inspiration.


  1. I'm planning to try this recipe, Angela says they tasted really yummy.
    will leave out cardamom and raisins and add spice and sultanas I think.

  2. the cake sounds really nice!! thanks for the recipe. i eat gluten & sugar free too.


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