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Thursday, February 16, 2012

bundles of joy

These 5 little fur balls made their entrance into the world yesterday.
(NB those little brown circles are dry cat food that B4 put in the box in case Maggie got hungry)
Our naughty Maggie escaped one night, had a one night stand with a strange cat and got herself knocked up!
VCH wanted to send her off to a home for unwed mothers but we said no we should support those kind of gals and so looked after her until time.

Thankfully despite being a single mum she is proving to be a very good mother and looking after her babies very well.

This is so cute!


  1. Maggie is cute and her kittens even more so. You must all be rather delighted.

  2. Even VCH thinks so and even goes in to look at them - when he thinks we aren't looking!


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