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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

cherry ripe craft table

This table has been my sewing table for the last few years. 
It was my mum's craft table in her sewing room, she had someone make it for her years ago.
It was not great as a sewing table as it is not sturdy enough, but I plan to use it as a craft table come cutting table when I am sewing.

 I needed to update it a bit and make it easy to keep clean, so I bought some Mexican Oil cloth from Fabric Traders.
I chose this pretty green cherry design.
I laid it on the table, measured it and cut, I wanted enough to wrap around the sides and just tuck under.
I then went and laid it on the trampoline in the sun to get rid of some of the wrinkles.

I then simply stapled it on.
I would like to repaint the legs, the chilli red on the dining room walls would look good, but I have been told we used it all, so I will have to wait until I go to Bunnings next to get some.

Here it is in its new home, under the window in my NEW SEWING ROOM- yep mystery solved- if you hadn't already guessed!

'scuse the newspaper on the floor, B2 and B3 were finishing some painting off for me and wanted to make sure they didn't get any on the new floor- good lads!
The suitcases are sitting there temporarily, they will go on the shelves that is on the VCH to do list.

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  1. Awesome! I have a collapsable cutting table, and it works okay, but not great. I am so looking forward to the day when I have a sewing room and a real solid cutting table! I can't wait to see what you do with it!!!

  2. A sewing room! How wonderful! Lots of natural light too. Love the floor board Deanne and the colourful table top. I guess you'll be enjoying lots of sewing over the holidays.

  3. Lol, I've not long commented on the previous post! Guess I should have waited another 15 mins :P. Have fun sewing up a storm in your new room.

  4. great table! i'd love to have the space to do that.

  5. I love the red and aqua print on it! andrea@townandprairie

  6. o very nice!! def like this

  7. I have just made a cutting table, so basic I daren't show it, but the great thing about it is it is waist height so I don't need to stoop, and it has a dip at the back to hold rolls of fabric. I have a sewing table too, normal height.

    If your table is a bit ricketty, why not ditch the legs and put it on trestles, like Ikea ones? The top is great!

  8. very lovely! have a table from a beloved sister and the top needs something to 'pop' and i think you've given me a great idea. sweet blog. hello from california, u.s.a.


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