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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

yummiest chicken ever

Here a while back Sarah at a beach cottage posted a recipe for Forty Garlic Chicken, it sounded really yummy.

 So one day I made it and it was divine!
Everyone loved it!

The garlic all 40 cloves were sweet and delicious and made the best garlic bread you have ever tasted, simply spread one of the cloves onto a slice of crusty bread, mmmmm.
I tend to avoid wheat products as they don't seem to like me or maybe it's my body that doesn't like them, but when we have this I will make an exception and have a thin slice or two smothered in garlic.

Sarah suggests serving it with a salad and it does make this meal so fresh and simple.
I like to add a bit of everything to my salad and a really nice and simple salad dressing is equal parts of honey and vinegar, I like to use raspberry vinegar, just shake together in a jar and pour over the salad just before serving.
I have tried it with roasted vegetables and while it was nice, I think I preferred it with the salad and crusty bread.
I reduce down the leftover liquid for a simple gravy/sauce to go with it.
I even sent this off as a meal for some friends in need one night and the report came back was that it was gourmet, like dining out in a restaurant, quite a compliment from such a simple dish.
If you haven't already, try this recipe, I'm  sure you won't regret it.

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