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Friday, November 25, 2011

curly locks

For some reason my daughter was not cursed blessed with my curly hair.
I saw a thing on pinterest the other day that showed how to make curly hair by twisting it upon itself and then putting a band on it.
Now essentially I knew this, though I had never had a need to try is being already cursed oops blessed with curly hair, but seeing as The Girl's hair is essentially straight I thought it might be fun to give it a go.
This is her hair before I unwrapped it.
By this stage she had had several swims in the pool and slept on it overnight.

This is the after at the back, it was much curlier underneath, I think I unwound it wrong or something here.
The front bits were really curly and as some of them are a bit shorter than the rest of her hair (due to a haircut by a brother some time back), they stuck out everywhere so I popped them back in a band.

Here is the front.
I actually think it looked better in real life.
I didn't use any product in it and I think it was a little frizzy in places, but I might try it again for a special occasion.

Of course this only lasted until she had a swim and now it is back to straight!

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