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Thursday, September 8, 2011

furry find

 Early one morning last week, VCH was about to leave for work when I heard him calling, come quick and bring the camera.
So I came quick bringing the camera and here on our driveway was this little fellow, he had been hit by a car during the night.

 He is a bandicoot, a native Australian marsupial.

Unfortunately he was badly injured with both legs broken on his right side and needed to be euthanased.

To find out more information about one of Australia's unique animals go here


  1. Oh my, anything rodent related gives me shivers! So glad you came by and left your kind comment. Everytime I come here, your header photo makes me smile!

  2. Technically he is not at all a rodent, bandicoots are like kangaroos and carry their babies in a pouch, They live in the bush and generally steer of people, but they do look a bit like a big rat!

  3. I've learned something today.

    Poor thing.


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