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Friday, July 29, 2011

100th birthday

Computer is back, fan is fixed, I can now put photos onto the computer and catch up on some posts!

VCH's grandmother had her 100th birthday last Thursday.
On Thursday there was a party at the aged care facility where she lives, that VCH attended.
Then on Saturday there was a party in the park with all her family.
People travelled from Port Hedland in Western Australia, Aldinga Beach in South Australia (where Nana lived for more than 40 years) and Townsville in Queensland to be there.

 The Girl was very attentive to Great Nana all afternoon.

 Getting ready to cut her cake.

 Here are all the great grandchildren (children of her 6 grandchildren) and the one great great grandchild.

 Our family with Nana.

VCH, his mum and her husband, brother and sister (with the next great grandchild due in 8 weeks)

Happy 100th Birthday Great Nana!

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  1. That is remarkable! 100 years old, wow! It is great that your kids will know her. My great grandfather died just two months shy of his 101st birthday, I was 5. I don't remember him very well. She looked like she enjoyed the party!


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