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Monday, June 20, 2011

movie world

 Last Tuesday our family left home at 6am to travel up to the Gold Coast to go to Movie World. 
We were meant to go the day after B4's birthday but we were all sick.

 The little ones having a photo with Bugs.

 The main street.
Our first stop was the 4D theatre with Journey to the Centre of the Earth.
We have this movie so this was a fun way to experience it in a condensed 15 minutes.

 The stunt driver show was everyone's favourite.

 The mine ride was fun, I even went on it- and I am so not a ride person, although the photo they took does show me screaming my lungs out as we plunge to our deaths (well I felt like I was going to die) down these rapids.

 The others after their 2nd ride.

The Batman show.

 I even went on the roller coaster with The Girl, B4 is in front.

 The Girl claimed after the ride that Mummy is a scaredy cat, as she screamed all the way around!

 B4, The Girl (far left) and B5 (2nd from right)
The little ones had lots of fun rides while the big boys went off to some of the older rides.
Everyone's favourite was the Scooby Doo ride (although The Girl was not impressed because she is not yet tall enough to go on it)

 B4 on the Batwing- he was not impressed about being 1cm too short for the Superman Roller coaster so he went on this twice while waiting for B2 and B3 on Superman.
B4 loves these rides but his stomach doesn't Dad to the rescue with a quell early in the day, saved him from this.

It was quite late in the afternoon so the photo isn't the best- it was even darker before I fiddled with it.
B2 and B3 are on this, B1 is not a ride person either so he didn't venture onto some of the faster and scarier rides like his little brothers.

It was a fun family day and we have got our moneys worth out of our VIP passes.


  1. Hi Deanne,
    Thanks for dropping by my blog. Your kids are very cute. The grey colour is called Grey Ember by Wattyl. It's difficult to find the right grey isn't it? We took a while but we're very happy with it.
    Beth x

  2. We've not been to Movie World. It looks like you all had a fun day out and good weather too.

  3. We bought VIP passes for our Gold Coast trip, but only went to Wet'n'wild and Seaworld, We decided that it would be fun to go up and visit Movie world around B4's birthday and before the passes run out on 30th June.

  4. Looks like you had a ball , we went here last year ( a big deal for us) and loved every moment xx Ava

  5. Looks like you all enjoyed your day very much. Lovely pics! Thanks for adding your link to Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays and sharing.


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