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Thursday, April 7, 2011

gold coast holiday day two

Day two was a very busy day.
After our buffet breakfast we were treated to a special Dolphin Discovery session for free because we were staying at the resort for two nights, after this show we headed back to our room to get ready for the day. 
Some of the family opted for swimmers because it seemed to be raining on and off and they wanted to dry off quickly if they got wet, it also meant they were sun safe with their rash shirts on.
So at 10am (when they opened) we headed back into Seaworld.

 Adventures at Castaway Bay meant lots of wet water fun- just as well for those swimmers!

 Little (fairy) penguins being fed .

 Patting a starfish.

 Shark Reef was a hit!

A reluctant to be seen polar bear, it took us three visits over 2 days to get some action shots!

 Dancing dolphins

 Flying dolphins at the real dolphin show.

After the 11:30am show they open the back up for you to see behind the scenes and talk to the trainers.
I managed to catch this mum and her baby.

A quick snap of the crew.

The pirate show

The emperor penguins- The Girl wanted to take one of these home!

The seal show

The sea viper roller coaster that some children chose to ride on.


during ....

......after the jet rescue ride- someone wasn't feeling very well!!!

But he recovered well after a run around in some cold water spray

 with his brothers.

Poor B1 had to accompany The Girl on some rides because she was under 105cm tall, he could hardly fit into this plane!

 The Girl joined in the fun after her rides.

A visit to the water park which was also free because we stayed at the resort finished the day off.
Takeaway* fish and chips for tea* before some very tired people headed to bed for an early night.

part three featured soon....

*see Speaking Australian at top of blog page


  1. The photo's show you all are having a great time, I just love SeaWorld, we are about 4 hour drive to Orlando Florida, I love to go!
    I also read post one of your vacation, so happy to see these smiles and everyone enjoying themselves,I did not know there was a SeaWorld in Australia!Thanks for sharing this fun time!
    Lazy on Loblolly

  2. oh it looks like you are having a wonderful time Deanne. Thanks so much for all the pictures.

  3. A fun filled holiday for sure, I'm pleased the weather held for you. A maybe-showers day can mean shorter queues which is a real bonus.

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