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Thursday, February 17, 2011

the birthdays' roundup

I thought I would do a little round up of our birthdays.
It is very special having the two girls in the family birthdays together.
However, it is also very intense having two birthdays in two days particularly when one is your own and it's the first one,
This means I try to get everything ready for The Girl's birthday on the day before mine so I am not spending my birthday doing that.
Although next year when she has her first birthday party I don't think I will be able to get away with it.

I was taken up to the pool cabana with hands over my eyes- they had decorated it, I had said that it could be my present this year, although VCH had another couple of surprises in store for me up there!
The cabana is nearly finished and all will be revealed soon!

I made this cake out of the 4 ingredients Gluten Free cookbook, it is a Raspberry and Almond Cake.
We went to the beach late in the afternoon for a swim and a BBQ, that didn't quite happen, but it was all good.

The next day was of course The Girl's birthday and seeing it was Valentine's Day and we had gymnastics in the afternoon we had a special morning tea.
I made raspberry jelly in teacups with some raspberries in them and put little heart shaped biscuits on top.
The dough (gluten free) was left over from some teacup biscuits that we made to take to Church on Sunday for morning tea as a little celebration for The Girl's Birthday, it was such fun (sorry forgot to take a picture before they were all devoured.)

I made these lovely GF cream cakes with a mock cream in them.

This is a cashew and spinach pate, again from the 4 ingredients GF cookbook- I originally borrowed this book from the library but got a copy of my own for my birthday.

In the evening when everyone was home from gymnastics we had our tea- which ended up being the BBQ that didn't happen at the beach and this cake that The Girl requested- much easier that the water pistol cake that she originally wanted!

Yep that shirt's inside out and back to front- in a rush to get dressed for tea!

This is my frangipani in the pool area that has just started to flower. 
I just love frangipani's, I have spots for two more in my pool yard I am hoping I might be able to grow them from cuttings.

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  1. The pool cabana looks great! Love the raspberry tea cups. All the food looks delicious.
    We have a large frangipani near our pool and it's a real nuisance while dropping all it's leaves. The wind blows them into the pool as well. However it is lovely the rest of the year.


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