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Thursday, December 30, 2010

christmas table

This is my table setting for our main Christmas meal.
For many years we have our main Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve, usually because we spend Christmas Day running around or hosting things with extended family, so this meal is usually just us.
We always have roast pork, crackling, apple sauce, gravy and roasted vegetables, with a trifle for dessert.
Then after the washing up we head out to look at the Christmas lights.
So this setting is the real deal, no pretend version but the actual setting we ate off.

It is red and green, my intent was to have red and white as per our Christmas colours but Kmart had other ideas. 
Some months ago I bought a red table runner but they didn't have any red place mats, no worries I'll get some at Big W, but when I looked they were a different red, so when we went to Coffs the other day I thought I would buy some only they only had one set of 4, and as you know there are 8 of us, hopefully next trip they will have some more. 
In the meantime I had to do a table setting for our Christmas feast.
So going on my bedroom Christmas colours I decided to do a mix of the light green with red.

Going around the table I went green red, green red.
On the green placemats I placed a red check napkin and used a mini wreath napkin wreath.
I have used the candle holders as glasses for the kids.

 The red setting used a white napkin with some green embroidery.

VCH and I sit at each end of the table and we had two wine glasses, we don't even drink wine, but it looks fancy,  we also had silver napkin rings because I am missing a wreath napkin ring and now only have 7.

As promised we lit the candles on the tray.

I used Christmas bush in vintage bottles on the table along with the candles, and the green ramekins were for the crackling and apple sauce.


  1. What an ingenuous idea to use the candle holders for little children's glasses! I love the cherry setting! I have 4 boys and one girl!

  2. I love the bright green used at Christmas. Especially great for you all with the warmer weather. Looks wonderful. Lori L

  3. Your table is lovely. What a wonderful tradition you have going there. I'm sure your family makes memories to last a lifetime.

    Happy New Year!!

  4. I KNOW I'm going to be borrowing your candlescape in the near future. Love your table. This is truly how you live and you've shown it with perfect simplicity. This is class.

  5. love the mix of the red and green. ingenious and it worked out so well. The wreath napkin rings are pretty darned cute. Happy New year to you and yours, may the new year bring you plenty of blessings.

  6. What a pretty table. Your plates and all are lovely. Happy New Year.

  7. This worked out really well. I love the mixture on your table. Happy New Year.

  8. I found myself using a brighter green with the reds for this Christmas, too. I really enjoyed it. You've created a lovely tablescape. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Happy New Year! Cherry Kay

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