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Monday, November 1, 2010

never smile at a crocodile

This was my find of the day when I went garage saling on Saturday.
It was a bit of a disheartening experience. 
Lots of garage sales but not much in the way of loot.

By the time I got to the second last sale I had only managed to find one thing, a little trivet for $1

At the second last sale I found
 this little basket.
 Which I thought would be good for some school books that are currently in a too small basket.
I headed off to the last sale, it was out of town- I often find that the out of town ones are good.
Yes finally a decent garage sale!

As well as Mr Croc, who was $5

I found these two Tupperware containers - we seem to have "misplaced" lots of plastic containers of late.

This tin suitcase which I plan to sand and repaint.

I also bought these books- not to read but to pull apart and craft with, which is very popular at the moment. 
I couldn't justify doing it with any decent book, but I found these old mills and boons with nice yellowing pages and as I know I wouldn't read them felt OK about buying them to rip up.

The crocodile is definitely a hit.

We have definitely got our money's worth this weekend in the pool playing with the crocodile.


  1. the croc looks like lots of fun Deanne. So glad your children are enjoying the pool so much.

  2. Thanks Therese, we are all loving it!


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