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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

our daily bread

I have decided to get back into making our bread everyday.
I have at various times made bread daily, both with a bread machine and by hand.
I prefer by hand as I find a bread machine can be a bit hit and miss and the bread is too small for our family these days- I need a much bigger loaf to make enough sandwiches for the hungry hoard for lunch.
So I purchased some wholemeal flour in bulk, borrowed heaps of books from the library, done some research on the internet and talked to a friend who makes beautiful sourdough bread.
I tried to make some sourdough starter, with a recipe from a library book, to my way of thinking I thought it should start out fairly wet, but this recipe just made a clump of flour and water- the result on day 4 today- mould.
Back to the drawing board- and a phone call to my friend I think.
I have come across so many interesting ideas in my research that I have started taking notes so as not to forget it all.
Anyway I have been making some normal yeasted bread with great success.
Here is a loaf I made the other day.

 Everyone loved it.

 This is the loaf I made today using a wetter dough and letting it rise overnight in the fridge. 
I split it into two and added fruit to one for a fruit loaf for breakfast in the morning.

 I made some homemade peanut butter- roasted peanuts and water and a little salt in the food processor, to have on the bread for lunch.

 I also made these lovely raisin and cinnamon buns for breakfast on Sunday morning- I made these Saturday so they could quickly grab them before heading out to a soccer carnival.
When all goes wrong a quick bread like this can be a saviour.

 It is a flat bread dough, 3 C flour, 1C water and 1/3 C oil - I knead this in my Kitchen Aid.
I use my flat plate on the stove to cook these but a frypan or even a flat plate sandwich maker will work.

 They are great with salad as pictured or with butter and honey while still warm.
I am having lots of fun with recipes and ideas to try- so you may get some updates here or over at cooking with five brothers one sister.

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