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Sunday, July 18, 2010

o is for...

In my series of posts about the sounds we are learning we are up to short "o"
We ran into the end of term and out of steam but still managed to do a few things.

We made this octopus out of bubble wrap, glued on some googly eyes and made the "o" bubbles out of pipe cleaners.

 We also made an "o" shaped orange cake.

We ate calamari in "o" shapes made out of octopus.
Read lots of books on octopus', otters and oranges.
Ate oranges, orange juice, olives and olive oil.
Looked at octagons and this led to a side study of the number 8 and how "octo/ octa" stands for 8.
I had visions of making a big orange octopus out of stockings stuffed with newspaper and painting it orange, but this didn't quite happen.
We also made our "o" book- I will do a post of our little books one day.
Our next letter is "u" which we have started learning but haven't done any activities for yet.

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