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Saturday, July 17, 2010

holiday fun

For the past two weeks we have been enjoying our winter holidays.
Two weeks holidays is never enough for me to get all those things done that I want to.
I still have a huge list of things I didn't get to do, people I didn't get to see and no real planning done either. 
I think I will have to make Monday a pupil free day like the schools and do my planning then.
The children still had some maths to do over the holidays because they hadn't finished it during the term, but that still left them with plenty of time to play.
Here are a couple of photos of some of their creative play.

They turned the old pool area into a golf ball maze.

See the little white ball coming under the truck.

Lots of precision planning to get this to happen.

The Girl and B5 made a see-saw in a hole.

The tree house was finished- unfortunately I didn't get a photo of the platform that was built a couple of months ago with B1's help.

 They used the old shade sail from the pool area to enclose it and make two floors.

B5 and The Girl hanging out.

 B4 hammering pegs in.

Ready to play.

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  1. I started doing our spelling lists for the term today. I think I should be ready by Monday but I haven't got nearly as much done as I hoped to these holidays.


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