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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

sports day 2010

Every year our local support group has a sports day, this has been going for 10 or so years.
This year the weather wasn't the best, but we still went ahead despite a bit of rain throughout the day.

The kids doing their warm ups.

We had some marquees for the kids to stand under in their teams.

The lovely Louise created this Gold Cup for the winning team.

B2 running to win.

B3 in the relay for the blue team.

 The little ones even get to participate, this is VCH running with The Girl for the red team in the relay.

B5 in the Javelin, the big kids use a proper javelin and the little kids use these.

B1 in the shot put.

B4 in the long jump.

There were fun races as well, the three legged race.

The sack race.

Green team tug-of-war.

The dads against the kids VCH at the front with PC.

Time for a swing, The Girl pushing Jack Jack.

The Green team won the day and we were very proud of B2 for tying for the senior boy champion.

Thank you to Erin, Rebecca and Margaret for being the organising committee this year, and to Louise for the extra photos.

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