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Saturday, June 26, 2010

inspirational reading

I recently read this book 
This is an account written by Francine Rivers of the five women in the lineage of Jesus that are mentioned in the Bible.
They were originally published as five separate books then later compiled into one large book.
Each story includes a Bible study.
Our Bible study group have become huge fans of Francine Rivers and we are considering doing this as a Bible study in the future.
One must remember that these accounts while based on fact are fleshed out from Francine River's imagination.
Having said that they certainly bring to life these women, the times and the culture that they lived in.
I found it really made me think about the lives these women led and the hurt and rejection that they might have faced.
It made me go back and reread these sections of the Bible and I have a deeper understanding about these parts now as well as finding pieces of information that I didn't connect before.
I have her latest book waiting for the holidays for me to read - I will let you know what I thought in a few weeks time.

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