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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

fantastic fondue

Last Friday night, B4 and I were watching Masterchef when they made a fondue in the master class.
B4 immediately wanted to try it.
VCH and I got a fondue set for a wedding present and we used to use it regularly at parties BC.
B4 had it out early on Saturday morning ready for the big night.
So I took him shopping for the ingredients and we had it Saturday night for tea.

We started with a farmhouse cheese fondue.

and served it with a variety of meats and vegetables as well as bread.

For dessert we had a yummy chocolate fondue made with Toblerone chocolates.

This we served with a variety of fruits as well as marshmallows, mini meringues and mini sponge finger biscuits.
Strawberries are my favourite but they are out of season, so bananas and mandarins had to do.
I picked up the little red pot at Robin's on sale while looking for some extra forks as some had disappeared over the years. 
It was cheaper to buy 2 of these and get 8 extra forks than it was to buy a set of fondue forks.
The kids loved it and have put in a request to have it again soon.
Now I have two little dessert fondue pots I think they might come out at our next party- one for the kids and one for the adults- hopefully strawberries will be back in season by then.

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