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Thursday, May 27, 2010

fishing trip

We took VCH out on a fishing trip to celebrate his birthday and to try out his new fishing rod.
It was an overcast, threatening to rain sort of day - but as VCH said we may as well go than be sitting at home.

B1 getting his rod ready.

 B2 not letting a broken finger stop him fishing!

B3 ready and raring to go.

The Girl brought her Lego- go figure and B5 his binoculars, but where is B4?

Up a tree of course!

There was some unusual wild life found in the trees near this river!

Unfortunately there are no photos of all the fish they caught, because while they caught quite a few, there were none big enough to keep!
We enjoyed a BBQ lunch and a bit more fishing and the obligatory icy pole before heading home via a scenic route.

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