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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

weekend retreat

I have just had a fabulous weekend away with lots of wonderful Christian women. 
Every two years a WINGS (Women IN Gospel Sharing) conference is organised for our area. 
I haven't been able to attend one for a while, so I promised myself no matter what I was going to this one. 
It turns out it clashed with another conference in Sydney that I am supposed to attend yearly as part of my volunteer work, so I had to make a choice between the two. 
This won out- don't you sometimes wish you could split yourself in two?
The guest speaker was marvellous, very down to earth and funny. 
We also attended workshops and had a wonderful time talking to Christian women from all over the North Coast. 
It was a wonderful time of renewal and inspiration.
I bought this book at the bookstall.

I have read it already. 
I really like Francine Rivers books. 
I read her Mark of the Lion series last year. 
She is a lot meatier than some other Christian authors, she really shows how bereft ones life can be without Christ but I think it makes her message that much more powerful.
Her books really make me think.

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