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Friday, March 12, 2010

ongoing project: veranda revamp

 I have been revamping my veranda.
In the sub tropics where we live things can get rather mouldy and mildewy from the humidity. 
I wanted to freshen things up and I love white- it always look fresh and clean.


Here are the chairs I did up around the table.
It is covered by a white tablecloth to hide the table.
I am going to redo the table, I am thinking of painting the legs white and staining the top, but I need to get rid of the mildew stains first.

This is my day bed VCH and B1 and B2 made this for me for Christmas a number of years ago. 
It was already white so I just gave it a quick sand and a new coat of paint to freshen it up.

This coffee table was in our lounge room. 
I have painted the top white- it still needs a couple of more coats.
The plant was my Mum's and it just seems to make the veranda so much more alive.
Notice that cheeky kitty-cat Jazzy in the background.

This chair is going to be painted white. 
I love these chairs.
I have picked them up in op shops for a song and they are so easy to make new slip on covers for. 
I think I will do a couple of new white ones out of some old sheets. 
The navy covers have faded so quickly and we are now putting them on inside out so they look a bit better.

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