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Friday, March 5, 2010

dress ups

I needed to do something about our dress ups.
For a couple of years we had a cupboard on the front veranda, but things ended up in the yard, clothes that should have been inside ended up in the cupboard and stuff would get damp and smelly. 
When I decluttered the veranda a while ago I got rid of the cupboard and sorted through the dress-ups tossing a heap and then put what was left into the suitcase pictured above as a temporary solution. 
I had an idea, inspired by this.
So while VCH has been at home on holidays and likes to keep busy with little jobs, I got him to make this.

It has 12 hooks to hang hats and bags off, hanging space, and a box down the bottom to hold things that don't hang. 
It is on casters so that it can be easily moved

Close up of the hooks, dowel in at an angle.

All set up and ready to go!

Here are a little ladybird and a power ranger bee. 
I picked these up at Spotlight for $5 each

 This is Pirate Pete - I got this costume from Target, reduced from $30 down to $8.
Although these are bought costumes most of our costumes are recycled clothing or things made for costume parties or plays.
The little ones are excited and the fact that it is easily accessible means they are inspired to dress up more.

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