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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

two quick repurposing projects

What a cute model!
This is The Girl modelling her latest outfit, a hand me down remodel job.
A friend gave me a bag of clothes the other day- hand me downs from her daughter who is 6 months younger than The Girl!
Our girl is just such a little petite thing and is growing very nicely right along the bottom of the chart.
The skirt was actually a top with shirring and tie straps.
I thought it went really nicely with the other top- so cut off the straps and made the easiest repurposed skirt ever.
The straps I used as ties in her hair.
She is sitting on top of a repurposed chest of drawers.

Repurposed in that it used to be my dressing table that matches the rest of our bedroom furniture but we couldn't fit it into our bedroom.
Since the renovation I thought I could put it back in minus the mirror that VCH kindly removed.
It needed a good clean after being in our shed for about 8 years- I won't tell you what we found in the drawers.
Now it is in my room and housing what else but my shoes!
The drawers sit under the window, so either side of that I have hung some photos, that I hadn't rehung since our reno.

These are on the left of the window closest to the parents retreat, you can see the lounge reflected in a much younger B1's photo.

On the other side are the other two boys.
B5 was just a baby (he will be 5 on Sunday).
I need to put a photo of the girl in a frame above them.

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