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Thursday, January 21, 2010

its done!!!!

 Here is the result of my linen cupboard cleaning.
It was a huge effort and we pulled everything out, totally sorted, and refolded everything before putting it back.
I actually asked myself while the photos were downloading why I was doing a post about my linen cupboard.
Is there anyone out there in blogland who is actually interested in my linen cupboard?
But then I decided that it doesn't really matter as this will be a record for myself and the children at just how nice and clean our linen cupboard should be.

So here are the photos


This is actually only the sheets section, but we couldn't believe how much was actually shoved in there.


These are where the tablecloths and enjo cloths go.
I even put labels on the shelf so they go back in the right places -well I can live in hope.

This is the middle section where my sewing machine used to fit.
I think explained once before that my linen cupboard used to be my sewing cupboard until we turned the linen cupboard into the toilet.
It now holds towels and a few spare quilt covers, curtains and cushion covers that I change around when I get bored of the other.
I even managed to put the cushion covers into colour co-ordinated bags.

This is a section of the sheet part.
It is too awkward to take a bigger picture because it is next to the laundry door.
The whole linen cupboard is in a little hallway that leads into the laundry.

I have a bag of stuff for a friend, a bag of stuff for the op shop and some really yucky things went into the bin and I even have some spaces- how amazing!


  1. Doesn't it feel good to get organized?! I'm off to do some of that myself today.
    ~ Julie

  2. Pity things don't stay like that once you clean them though


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