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Sunday, December 6, 2009

parents retreat finished

Yes I know this has been coming for a while, but I have put the photos from the camera onto the computer so now you can see the finished room minus the decorating details.

This is the entry into our room as you look in from the lounge room.
This is a painting B1 did at art a few years ago and won several prizes with it.
The art teacher really liked his combination of colours, it used to look good before on the aubergine paint (before we repainted it) as well.

This is the floor that VCH re-coated after a light sand.
It looks so nice.
We have put up with the floor in a very poor state since we moved in nearly 9 years ago.

This is our bed back in place with a new quilt cover.

This is the lounge that nearly didn't make it into the room.

It took us an hour and 3 or 4 attempts to manoeuvre it into the room due to the fact that we have this landing and steps down into our room .
We nearly thought we would have to remove a window, but on the final attempt and after many prayers we got it in.

These are the bookshelves we bought at Ikea yesterday waiting to have the shelves adjusted and books etc. put in.

This is a photo B4 took overlooking the bed.
You can see the floating floor VCH put in the parent's retreat.

So there it is virtually finished. I will do a final post when I have finished the bookshelves and putting in a few decorating touches.

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