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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

christmas decorating

Here are our Christmas decorations up and looking pretty.
The thing I like about putting up the decorations is each year is that I tend to do something different with some of the things.
I also like the change.
When it is all done there is a feeling of satisfaction.
The thing I hate is having to rearrange my whole house to accommodate a Christmas tree and finding places for my other usual decorations while Christmas takes over.
I also find by the 1st of January I am really ready to have my house back to normal and when everything is back it always seems new and fresh again.

Here are some wire angels that I resprayed silver- they used to be gold.

A little touch of Christmas on the curtains.

Our Jesse Tree empty and ready to be filled with the felt decorations I made last year.

The Christmas tree is decorated in red and white and silver.

The wreath on the front door.

A wreath on the TV cabinet.
(it is actually silver)

My three wise men I picked this up on the Gold Coast at the beginning of the year half price- so this is the first year we have had them up.

The wooden play nativity and wooden nativity puzzle.
The 3 youngest ones love playing with these and it means they leave the good one alone.

Some of the Christmas books waiting to be read.

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  1. Looks good. It does feel good to decorate, but I am with you, by the 1st of January I want my house back.


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