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Sunday, November 22, 2009

what a week

What a week we have had.
Monday and Tuesday B3 was unwell- nothing specific just wanting to lay down and not do anything.
Tuesday afternoon B2 started vomiting.
I went off to Bible study and came home to find The Girl sitting on VCH's lap looking like a ghost - she had been vomiting.
B4 was also down with it by this stage and 10 minutes after I got home B5 started.
By morning VCH was also sick but took himself off to work because one of his employees had broken his jaw playing cricket and was in hospital undergoing surgery so they were short staffed- he was home by 11 and spent the rest of the day asleep on the veranda.
I took B1 and B2 to town for the monthly grocery shop and when we got there B1 said he felt unwell- oh no!
Managed to get it done and home where B1 took himself off to bed and got up in perfect health the next day without actually being sick.
I only got a slight touch of it, but the Girl who was by now not showing any symptoms was very lethargic and not eating very much for days.
We have also been having days of extreme heat up in the high 30's where nothing you do seems to make you any cooler - even with the air conditioning on.
On top of all this we were trying to get ready for our re-registration.
Getting our profiles and reports done and getting the house clean (we don't want them to think we are grotty do we?) now add all the extra sheets, towels and other stuff we have had to wash due to sickness.
So now we are here. Our re-registration has been done for another 2 years- but we are a little sad as the Authorised Person from the Board of Studies has a new job and will no longer be doing it- we have got to know her pretty well over the last 6 years.
The house is looking nice and clean and hopefully everyone is well again.
So let's enjoy a hot hot weekend.

Look out for some more interesting posts next week when things are back to normal.

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