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Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Last Saturday night we took the children to the Speedway.
It is something that VCH has wanted to do for a long time but cost has always prohibited us.
The Speedway was very expensive and I think we worked out once that it would cost us close to $200 and that did not include food, as you weren't allowed to take your own.
The speedway has recently been taken over by a group of men who are all fathers and wanted to make it family friendly.
It is now $35 for a family (as listed on your medicare card) and children under 12 are free.

I haven't been to the Speedway since I was about 11.
My father was one of the founding members of the original Speedway club and the 2nd president.
I remember going quite often.
It was always very boring!!!
Cars just going around and around and very noisy!
I remember it being quite fun out in the middle with my dad in his tow-truck once and also watching my dad towing one car and pushing another one at the same time.
Well I have changed my tune.
We had a ball, it was very exciting and fun.

It was not as noisy as I remember- maybe my hearing isn't as good now as when I was young(er).
I don't remember the mud, but I don't suppose being up the back of the grandstand with my mum I would be splattered with mud!

We just sat on the normal stands (it was $3 each to go into the grandstand) and it was way more fun.
We took our own food, but bought a small treat at interval to share.
It was a lovely family outing that I am sure we will do again.
The kids are all keen to go again.


  1. Very interesting Deanne. We can hear it from home but have never been. I'm sure it's much quieter in recent years. I think they must have changed some regulations on mufflers or the like.

  2. When we lived over the river up on the hill you could even hear the speedway if the wind was blowing the right way.
    I am glad it's not as noisy now.


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