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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Each year our town holds a festival in spring.
It goes for a week or so and features many great exhibitions and events.

On one of the days all the shops in town dress up and some include acts often performed on the back of semi trailers.

The Girl and B5 watching an act.
There are also rides and markets.

B2, B3 and B4 enjoying the obligatory ice cream on the main day.

On the Friday night there is usually a carnival with dancing, singing and acts on a stage by the river and fireworks when it is dark, unfortunately it was rained out this year - the acts went ahead at a local high school hall but the fireworks couldn't be staged.

There is also a float procession on Saturday night.
There are art exhibitions, woodwork, quilts, dolls and other exhibitions by local groups- we actually didn't visit any this year.

B3 went in a 2 km fun run and is keen to go back next year, he promises me he will actually train next year.
Famous last words but now recorded here- so come the time I will show him this post and say remember!
It is a fun week and B3 is always excited as his birthday always falls during our festival week.

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