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Sunday, September 6, 2009

did it just snow?

These photos are of our yard and house.
We have just been hit by the most amazing hail storm!
(It is early afternoon on Saturday here in Australia)

The hail while small in size (about as big as a 5c piece) was prolific.

It covered the yard and it looked like snow!
Everything was white!

I just managed to get the car into the carport, but couldn't move because it was coming down so heavy.
When the hail finished I had to slip and slide my way to the house.
It even bent the guttering near the boys room and VCH had to do some quick thinking to get the fridge underneath it turned off and the guttering back in the right place.

Our veggie patch at the back door was decimated.

Two hours later there is still lots of ice laying about!


  1. Wow that's amazing we had some rain but nothing like you have had.

  2. There was still ice laying about when we went to church on Sunday morning!


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