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Sunday, August 30, 2009

parents retreat

I am so excited!
VCH surprised me the other day by saying he was about to start building our parent's retreat.

We are doing this by enclosing the veranda that comes off our bedroom.
We don't use our front veranda that much since our extension, as the veranda we added is much larger and more convenient.
VCH has always been a man of action and so true to his word he has started framing this room already with the help of B1 and B2!

After much discussion and too-ing and fro-ing we have decided to completely enclose both of the sides and just have a bank of louvre windows along the front.

The western wall was always going to be enclosed to keep the room cooler, but I wanted a door onto the rest of the veranda, and then I settled on a window, but VCH has now convinced me to build a complete wall.
The reason being is that it is meant to be a parent's retreat and it will be hardly be retreat like if we have little faces spying in through the window.

It will also mean more flexibility with the layout of the room.
Today we went to Bunnings to look at flooring.
Thinking we would go carpet for this small area, even though we are not carpet fans.
We thought this would be easier than having to lay floorboards and get them polished etc.
However the carpet just didn't appeal and then we saw some pre-finished floating laminated floorboards (that work out cheaper than the carpet option anyway) so we are going with that.

We first considered doing this when we moved in 8.5 years ago, thinking that it would make a nice nursery space.
But now we have moved on from nurseries and are thinking more along the lines of a quite place away from the children.
A place to read and watch adult TV/ DVD's together.
To have a date night when we send the children to bed early and have a special dinner together. I have been dreaming of this for quite sometime.
I just needed to convince VCH that the louvres were a good idea as this was his sticking point. My reason for wanting them was that we were enclosing a veranda and that old fashioned homes closed in verandas with louvres - I wanted it to look like an enclosed veranda not an enclosed veranda trying to look like a real room, if you know what I mean.
I also love the air flow qualities of louvres. Our room gets quite hot as it faces the west and in a country where it is warm-to-hot 8-9 months a year I felt this was important.

Keep watching this space for progress reports.

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