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Sunday, August 2, 2009

happy birthday mum

Happy Birthday Mum!
My mum is celebrating her 82nd birthday today.
This photo was taken two years ago at her 80th birthday.
(my sister is on the left and I'm on the right with the dreadful hair,
it just wouldn't behave on the day!)
She actually looks a little fatter now.
She moved into an aged care facility and has finally started to put on some weight after being seriously underweight for many years.
She now also realises that she wasn't taking good care of herself and wasn't eating properly.
We took her out for lunch today.
My sister and I, our husbands and 9 of her 10 grandchildren were there (one of my nieces was unable to be there because she is away at Uni).
Notice her lovely brown hair- it is natural not dyed, she only has a few grey hairs at the front. Her hair was white blonde as a child and even in her wedding photos it is still white blonde. As she has aged it has just got darker and not gone grey- wish I could say the same about mine!

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