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Thursday, July 23, 2009

repurposing a shirt

Start with a long sleeved T-shirt like this.

With it turned inside out cut off the sleeves, these become the legs.

You should have two legs that look like this.

Next place your legs on the top half of your t-shirt (you will want the bottom half for another pair) and cut out a piece to fill the gap between your legs. Depending on the shirt you may need to add a bit to the sides as well, then your piece will look a bit like a pair of undies.

Pin around each side of your legs and then sew around this front and then back- this is the tricky bit and can get a bit confusing especially when you get to the crutch, just keep sewing along your pinning and if you end up with a hole (which I often do) just go back when you are finished and sew over it.

You may also notice that I haven't matched the stripes - please don't tell my mother (the retired professional seamstress) she would have a fit!! I did try matching the stripes once but when I sewed it they came out wrong and some of my fabric was wasted so I don't try to match now! Most of the time this part is covered by a shirt so no-one ever sees.

Now you just need to fold over the top and add elastic.

You can make a smaller pair of pants for a younger child or a pair of shorts from the bottom half of the shirt, by lining up a pair the same size with the outside seams and cutting around allowing extra for seams.

Sew inside leg seam on both legs and then turn one leg in the right way, put this leg inside the other lining up the seams and sew around from one side to the other- joining both pieces together.

Now all you have to do is fold over the top and add elastic.

Now you have two pair of pants.
Have a look at your left over pieces and see what they inspire you to make. The middle piece left from the smaller pants might become a hat. If you had a skivvy the neck can be turned into a headband or a small hat for a baby.Here is The Girl modelling her funky hat made from the piece in between the legs.

Here are B5 and The Girl modelling the finished product.

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